Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coloring Page for Lesson 8: I Am Thankful for the Day and Night

I'm especially grateful for the simple wisdom of Lesson 8: we work and play during the day; we rest during the night. Not only is it a good lesson for little ones (who often struggle with bedtime), but also for me, as I attempt to get more into my "day" than is healthy. 

This coloring page can easily be embellished with gummed or sticker stars, glitter, cotton balls and/or shapes, but it's also really fun just as a coloring page. It's so cute to see what Sunbeams draw for the activity they do during the day and during the night. Some suggestions you could make are: 

For day: eating a meal, playing with a little brother or sister, going to school, or driving in the car
For night: saying bedtime prayers, listening to stories, brushing their teeth, or sleeping

Here is the letter-sized PDF for download.