Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coloring Page for Lesson 2: Heavenly Father Has a Body

My favorite Friend illustrator is Beth Whittaker, and I love that so many of her illustrations are applicable to Sunbeam lessons. I've used her illustration of the First Vision here. When I create a coloring page, I'm sure to include some of the text from the lesson, often the objective. It's nice for the parents to know what we talked about in class that day, and a coloring page is a good way to convey that.

Access the letter-sized PDF here: Heavenly Father Has a Body Coloring Page

Another great visual is the First Vision cut-outs from Joseph Smith--Prophet of the Restoration, July 2001 Friend. I use them more like flannel board figures than as the diorama the article suggests. My co-teacher found another adorable activity that our children just loved. She made a version to play as a class and then a glue-your-own version for the craft. Here's a link to Melanie Day's Heavenly Father Has a Body (Body Part Matching Game).

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