Saturday, April 19, 2014

Frame for Lesson 25: I Belong to a Family

One of my favorite things to get as a parent is a drawing of our family from my kid. They are always "scrapbook-worthy." So, for lesson 25, use this frame printable. Ask the kids to draw their family. You may want to label the family members and write the date on the back. Moms and dads will love it!

Another fun activity for this lesson is called "I Can Help My Family Be Happy."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Easter Craft for Lesson 45: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter is almost here! It's so wonderful to teach about the Savior, his death, and resurrection in Lesson 45. In addition to my craft/visual below, these ideas are also useful: The Easter Story is a great visual and the church's Life of Christ Bible Videos are wonderful as well. And more flannel board figures from the same illustrator are available here. Lastly, one of my favorite treats for this time of year is Resurrection rolls, which my own mom made when I was little. Here's another recipe as well.

This craft is from the Nursery Manual, Behold Your Little Ones, only in my version, the Jesus figure is a little smaller so that he fits inside the tomb better. My version also includes a simplified version of the story, which can be glued to the back of the tomb. Even young children can learn to tell the story of the resurrection with this visual!

You can download the colored-in version to use during the lesson. And the black and white version can be used as a craft for the children at the end. Cut out the figures beforehand. Then, have the kids can color them, and practice telling the story of the resurrection. Bring baggies so they don't lose the pieces when they take their crafts home!

Download the colored jpeg here: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter Visual
And the Black and White PDF craft page here: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter Craft

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Medal for Lesson 22: I Can Do Many Things

This craft for Lesson 22 celebrates the Sunbeams' abilities with a medal for each of them. Print the PDF on cardstock, and cut out the medals. Punch a hole in the top of each medal. Have the children color their own medals. They may want to draw something they can do in the center of the medal.  Use a ribbon or string to create a necklace. Download the PDF here:

I Can Do Many Things Medal (4 per page)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emotions Wheel for Lesson 21: I Have Feelings

I love Lesson 21, I Have Feelings, because it is such an important concept for kids this age. This emotions wheel is a fun way for kids to learn about their own feelings. Print a blank face and wheel for each child on cardstock. Cut out the face hole on the dotted line and cut out the wheel. With a craft knife, slit a small hole in the middle of the wheel (as marked) and on the face page (in the boy's tie or the girl's necklace). This is where the brad will go. Have the children color their face and wheel. Put a brad through the hole on the face page and through the hole on the wheel at the back. Now, the wheel will spin!

Download the PDFs here:

I Have Feelings: Boy Face
I Have Feelings: Girl Face
I Have Feelings: Emotions Wheel

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mask Craft for Lesson 19: I am Thankful for My Eyes

Here's a template for each child to make their own mask for Lesson 19. Print the masks on cardstock cut out each mask including the eye holes. Let the children color and decorate their mask with crayons, stickers, feathers, sequins, whatever! Attach a stick (or pencil or drinking straw) to the side of the mask so the child can lift the mask up to their eyes.

Download the PDF here:
I Am Thankful for My Eyes Mask Template (3 per page)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

String Telephones for Lesson 18: I Am Thankful for My Ears

Lesson 18 is another fun one! For this craft, you will need 2 small paper cups per child, string, a needle, and tape. You'll be making a string telephone!

Just cut the covers out and have the children color them. Tape each cover around a small paper cup. Poke a hole through the bottom of each cup. Run a string from one cup to the other cup--make sure to tie a knot in the bottom of each cup so the string won't come loose. Pull taught and let the children have fun with their own "mobile phones."

String Telephone Cup Covers PDF

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Craft Page for Lesson 17: I Am Thankful for My Hands

Here's a fun craft page for Lesson 17, I Am Thankful for Hands. Trace or print each child's hands on the paper. If you want, you can make some home-made paint from one of these recipes (a few of them are washable!) Then, cut squares from different textures (see ideas below) and have the children glue on one texture per square.

Rough: sandpaper, crinkled foil
Soft: felt, cotton ball
Smooth: photo paper, plastic
Bumpy: uncooked macaroni, inner part of cardboard
Furry: faux fur
Sticky: tape

Download the PDF here: I Am Thankful For My Hands